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Soal Soal Recount Text SMP (UN 2015)

Written By Demi Yurfina on Jumat, 22 April 2016 | 03.40

Text 1 (for questions 1 to 3)

I have got an unforgettable experience last Lebaran Day. My family and I went to my mother’s hometown to celebrate “Idul Fitri”. We went by aeroplane. At the airport, my family and I had to walk through the metal detector. When I got the turn to walk through it, suddenly the alarm beeped. The woman who worked as the airport security said, “Come here, you need to get your belt off”. I took my belt off, but the alarm still beeped. The security asked me to take my wallet from my pocket. I did what she ordered. Still alarm beeped.

After that the security asked me to turn back and she checked my body. She touched my left pocket. Then she told me, “There was something in it. it might be the things that made the alarm beeped”. I took out something from the left pocket. The woman laughed and said, “That has made the alarm beep”. It was a silver pen. I felt embarrassed because everybody stared at me with curiosity.

1.       What does the second paragraph tell us about?
a.       The writer and his family walked through metal detector
b.       The writer’s silver pen made the metal detector beeped
c.       The security checked the writer’s pockets
d.       Everybody stared at the writer
2.       From the text, we can conclude ….
a.       The security guard was a fussy woman
b.       You are not allowed to wear belts at the airport
c.       The alarm beeped because there was a metallic object
d.       The writer’s appearance attracted everybody’s attention
3.       Why did the airport security tell the writer to take off his belt?
a.       Because the alarm beeped when he passed through metal detector
b.       Because it was his unforgettable experience last lebaran
c.       Because she worked as the airport security officer
d.       Because everybody stared at him curiosity

Text 2 (For questions 4 to 6)

Last Sunday, I was gardening with my father. It was half past six in the morning. The air was really fresh. My dad called me from the yard. He said something about ‘banana’. I walked to where he stood looking at one of my banana tress. I saw som of them are already yellow. What a great view!
Next, we were busy to harvest the bananas it was my first time to do this. We just moved to this new house for about six months. Here, we have some yard besides the house with banana and guava trees.
After that I watered the vertical garden and pulled off the wild grass. I also collected the old leaves and realized that the yard looked nicer and cleaner after that.
Finally, I picked 2 ripe guavas. Hmm, they smelt nice. I took a shower and had breakfast with my parents right after that. It was a fine Sunday morning. I felt a stronger bond by doing the gardening with my father.

4. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
a.       The family had a breakfast together
b.      The writer watered the plants and cleared the yard
c.       The writer found that some of the bananas were ripe
d.      The father and son were busy to harvest the banana trees

5.   From the text, we know that…
a.       The writer felt very bored last Sunday
b.      The writer’s garden is full of kins of flowers
c.       Mother was not at home last Sunday morning
d.      The writer really enjoyed the gardening time with his family

6. Why did the yard look nicer and cleaner?
a.       It was full of beautiful flowers
b.      They had cut off all the banana trees
c.       The writer had watered the banana trees
d.      He collected old leaves and pulled off the wild grass

Text 3 (for questions 7 to 9)

Last holiday, I was in Mexico City with my Dad. It was a fascinating place and the people were friendly. The most amazing thing happened to me when I was looking for the Paseo de la Reforma. It is a street with beautiful trees, plants and statues. I was nearly lost and studying my map when I saw a man with colourful and unusual clothes in front of the cathedral. So I asked him, “Can you tell me where the Paseo de la Reforma is?” he smiled and answered, “It is only two blocks away from here.”
I thought I took the wrong street because I didn’t find the Paseo de la Reforma. Just when I was thinking about going back to my hotel, the man appeared again and showed me the way. As I was walking down the street, I saw the statue of Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec leader. I was going to take the photo of it when I realized something unusual. The statue looked exactly like the man I saw in front of the cathedral! He was wearing the same clothes. Even his grin was similar. 
What do you think about this? Do you think I am crazy? 

7. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
a.       The man showed the way to the Paseo de la Reforma
b.       The man in front of the cathedral was like the statue
c.       Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec leader, is still alive
d.       The writer had a strange experience

8. Who was Cuauhtemoc?
a.       Paseo de la Reforma
b.       The last Aztec leader
c.       Someone with a similar grin
d.       The man in front of the Cathedral

9. Why did the writer think that he took the wrong street?
a.       Cuautemoc is the man’s statues
b.       The man was the last Aztec Leader
c.       He didn’t find the Paseo de la Reforma
d.       The statue looked exactly like the man who helped him

Text 4 (for questions 10 to 12)

I’ve got a painful experience that I went through last semester. I joined the cross country. We were running this race competing against several I other schools. The entire race was long and dreadful. It took place in the desert so it was realy hot and humid. We ran up and down the hills.
It was getting awful after 10 minutes of the race. People who ran in front of me made me breathe the dust they created. It wasn’t so bad until my throat started to hurt. It was very painful. I had a hard time to catch my breath and I sweat a lot. I really hated it.
In the end I managed to finish the race. I felt really good after that. I felt fully alive again. That race was a horrible experience. That is the reason why I quitted the team a week later.

    10. What does the second paragraph tell us about?
a.       A cross country race
b.      An awful place in the mountain
c.       A good feeling after completing the race
d.      Painful incidents during the cross country

11. From the text, we know that ….
a.       The writer quitted and never made it to the finish line
b.      Although he had a painful throat, the writer could finish the race
c.       The race was a competition between students in the writer’s school
d.      The race route was so mountainous that the weather was cool and windy

12. Why was the writer’s throat painful?
a.       He sweat a lot
b.      He couldn’t breathe
c.       It was really hot and himud

d.      People in front of him created dust

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