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Soal Soal Announcement

Written By Demi Yurfina on Jumat, 22 April 2016 | 08.23

The following text to answer questions 1 to 3!

SMP Ananda Bakti

Students of grade IX are welcome to attend a morning seminar on :
You can learn a lot from Mr. Arifin Amir, a well-known education consultant.
Date      : July, 27th, 2014
Time      : 07.30
Venue  : School main hall
Don’t miss this free event. Seats are limited.

To reserve your seat, please call Kemal : 0812 79795677 0r 081234576

1.    The advantages of attending the seminar that students are able ….
a.       To meet the education consultant
b.      To prepare for the final examination
c.       To teach strategies for the final examination
d.      To get the free chance of joining the seminar
2.    Who will come to the morning seminar?
a.       Kemal
b.      Mr. Arifin Amir
c.       Students of class IX
d.      All students of SMP Ananda Bakti
3.    “To reserve your seat, please ….”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to….
a.    Book
b.    Buy
c.     Get
d.    Sit

The following text to answer questions 4 to 6!


To : All students of SMP Mandiri

        We would like to inform you, that we would be having the school holiday from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th August 2015.
During the holiday, our school has already made plans! We want to go camping in the Highlands (I hope it doesn’t rain), to a place called Aviemore. It’s an outdoor centre where you can learn to climb, canoe and fish and do all sorts of exciting things. Of course we have to take you to Edinburgh Castle and the Festival too. Don’t worry; you aren’t going to be bored! The school pays for all students, so you are free of charge. Don’t forget to take your changing clothes with you. it may be wet. For those who want to go, please meet Mr. Kristian at the teacher’s office.

Sincerely Yours

4. What should the students do to join the activity?
a.       To pay for the trip                                           
b.      To go to the teacher’s office
c.       To meet the headmaster                            
d.      To bring the changing clothes

5. From the text we know that ….
a.       There are at least 5 activities that the school offers
b.      The students should bring their own food
c.       The holiday will last for two days
d.      The holidays won’t be excited

6. The text is written to ….
a.       To give information about the activity on school holiday
b.      To describe an outdoor activity on school holiday
c.       To remind students about an outdoor activity
d.      To announce the school holiday

The following text to answer questions 7 to 8!


SMP Pembangunan will celebrate its 17th anniversary on:
               Day/ Date    : Saturday, 17 February 2014
               Place             : Sport Hall
               Time             : 8.00 am – 11.00 am
To highlight this event, a special bazaar will be held together with music show of the school band featuring the Indonesian idol Cynthia. All the teachers and students are supposed to attend this celebration. For this reason all school extracurricular activities at school such as basketball, Martial art, Football and English Sunday meeting will not be done for that day.

                     Zikry Phatony SS, M.Pd

7. What did the school do to celebrate its anniversary?
A.       To hold a special bazaar.
B.        To have a martial art competition.
C.        To do all extracurricular activities.
D.       To highlight all events well.

8. The school did not have all the extracurricular activities on that day because … .
A.    the sport hall would be used for the celebration of the school anniversary
B.     all students had to attend the bazaar and buy everything sold in the event
C.     there was an attractive music show performed by all students of the school
D.      nobody was interested in playing basketball in the sport hall that day

The following text to answer questions 9 to 10!


To: All students of SMP Nusantara Jaya

To celebrate the Hero’s day, SMP Nusantara Jaya Student Organization will hold some interesting programs such as English Speech Contest, Story Telling and Class Wall Magazine Competition.

Time     : November 15, 2015,  8.00 a.m – 13.00 p.m
Theme  : Hero

Registration: Haikal (VIII.B class)
The coordinator of this program

9. What does the text announce?
a.       A student organization
b.       An English Speech Contest
c.       Interesting event
d.       A Hero’s Day Celebration

10.Based on the text we can say that …
a.       The programs will last for 5 hours
b.       The programs will be held in the Hero Street
c.       Two competitions will be held
d.       Haikal is one of judges of the programs

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