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English Daily Test I Grade 8

Written By Demi Yurfina on Kamis, 02 Oktober 2014 | 08.06

            1.       Jean       : You look very happy, Linda. What happened?
Linda     : Guess what! I got an ‘A” on my last English test
Jean       : Really? That’s fantastic ………….
a.   What a smart girl you are                       c. What a beautiful girl you are
b.  What’s up?                                                     d. I’m sorry to hear that            

2. Reza      : Congratulations on your winning the English speech contest
             Rezi       : ........
a.          Good Job!                  b. Thanks                            c. Well done                       d. I’m sorry
3             3. Sandro : Smoking in public areas should be banned. What’s your opinion?
Michel  : I think I completely agree.
From the dialogue we know that Michel ……
a.       Says no opinion                                                      c. gives opinion
b.       Refuses giving opinion                                        d. asks opinion
4.       Mickey: Do you think we can catch the bus?
Minnie   : ……….
Mickey  : Let’s go!
a.       Let’s catch the animal                                             c. Yes, if we run quickly              
b.       I don’t think so                                                           d.  I hate it
5.       It’s December 22nd. What would you say to your mother?
a.       Happy Birthday         b. Happy New Year        c. Happy Anniversary  d. Happy mother’s day
6.       Beta        : Can I help you, mom?
      Mother: .......... (refuse)
a.Thank, but I can do it by myself                            c. Here you are
b.    Of course                                                                      d. How kind you are
7.       Woman : Open the windows, will you ?
Boy : Yes, Madam
Woman : Will you sweep the floor ?
Boy : ……..(Acceptance)
a. I’m sorry. I’m busy     b. Do by yourself      c. Another time, please     d. Alright, I can do it
8.       Father : I’ve got a headache. ……….
Mother : Certainly. Here it is.
Father : Thanks
a. Can you get me an aspirin, please?                       c. Will you help me hold my head?
b. Will you take me to a doctor, please?                 d. Do you have time to help me?
9.       Teacher : Hadi, open the door please !
              Hadi        : ….
a. Don’t mention it      c. Thank you, Sir                 b. Yes, Sir                          d. I’m sorry Sir
10.    Mira       : Please come to the meeting on time tomorrow
Yetti        : ………. I have to accompany my mother down town
a.       Of course      b. It doesn’t matter         c. I’d love to but I can’t                 d. I am tired
11.   Susi         : There’s something wrong with my computer. Can you fix it Tom?
Tom        : Oh, I’m sorry. I know nothing about it
From the dialogue we know that Tom …….. fix the computer
a.       Will                 b. Can’t                 c. Wants              d. Can
12.   A :What can you do?
B : ……….
a.       I can playing guitar                  c. I can play guitar
b.       I am can play guitar                 d. I can played guitar

Read the dialogue below to answer questions no.  13,14 and 15!
Chiko : Chica, what do you think of pop music recently?
Chica : Well, I’d say I don’t really like them. I’d prefer jazz.
Chiko : Why? I think pop music is very entertaining.
Chica : In my opinion, jazz music is relaxing
13.   What are they talking about?
a.       Music                            b. Movie              c. TV Program                  d. Sport
14.   Does Chica like pop music?
a.       Yes, she does             b. No, she doesn’t            c. No, she didn’t                d. Yes, she did
15.   What’s Chiko’s opinion about pop music?
a.       Very bad                     c. Boring              c. Interesting                     d. Very entertaining

Read the following dialogue to answer questions no  16, 17, 18!
Agung : What a beautiful flower they are!
Fera      : Thank you
Agung : Do you plant these flowers by yourself?
Fera      : No, I don’t. My sister helps me
Agung : Would you like giving me some flowers?
Fera      : Yes, of course. Which one do you want?  Rose or orchid?
Agung : Roses, please. Do you mind picking them for me?
Fera      : Please take them by yourself
Agung : OK

16.   What does Agung say when he saw the flowers?
a.       What a bad flowers they are!                              c. How beautiful they are!
b.       How pretty they are!                                              d. What a beautiful flower they are!
17.   Does Fera give Agung some flowers?
a.       Yes, she does               b. No, she doesn’t            c. Yes, she did                    d. No she didn’t
18.   What flower Agung ask?
a.       Orchid                           b. Jasmine                           c. Roses                                d. Tulip
19.   1. Laila   : Of course
2. Laila   : Oh, he’s so handsome
3. Laila   : I’m watching a movie “Perahu Kertas”
4. Hendi : Wow that’s a great movie. May I watch it with you?
5. Hendi : By the way, how do you think about the main character?
6. Hendi : Hi. Laila.  What are you doing?

The best arrangement of the jumbled dialogue above is……
a.       6-3-4-1-5-2                 b. 6-4-5-2-1-3                   c. 6-2-3-4-5-1                   d. 6-4-2-3-1-5
20.   1. Sarah : What’s the matter with you?
2. Beth   : Yes, please
3. Beth   : I’ve got a headache
4. Sarah : Can I get you some aspirin?
5. Beth   : Thanks
6. Sarah : Here is the aspirin and a glass of water for you

The best arrangement of the jumbled dialogue above is……
a.       1-3-4-6-5-2                 b. 1-3-4-5-2-6                   c. 1-3-4-5-2-6                   d. 1-3-4-2-6-5                          
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