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Written By Demi Yurfina on Selasa, 05 Agustus 2014 | 22.16

The Monkey and the Crocodile
One day there was a Monkey. He wanted to cross a river. There he saw a crocodile so he asked the crocodile to take him across the other side of the river. The Crocodile agree and told the monkey to jump on its back. Then the crocodile swam down the river with the monkey on his top.
Unluckily, The crocodile was very hungry, he stopped in the middle of the river and said to the monkey,“ My father is very sick. He has to eat the heart of the monkey. So he will be healthy again.”
At the time, the monkey was in dangerous and he had to think hard. Then he had a good idea. He told the crocodile to swim back to the river bank. “What’s for?” asked the crocodile. “Because I don’t bring my heart,” said the monkey. “I left it under a tree, near some coconuts in the river bank.”
The crocodile agreed and turned around. He swam back to the bank of the river. As soon as they reached the river bank, the monkey jumped off the crocodile’s back. Then he climbed up to the top a tree.“Where is your heart?” asked the crocodile. “You are foolish,” said the monkey to the crocodile. “Now I am free and I have my heart.”

1.  When the monkey knew the crocodile wanted to eat him, what did the monkey ask him to do ..........
a. To see his father who was sick                         c. To jump off the river bank
b. To swim back to the river bank                        d. To take crocodile’s heart
2.  What did the monkey want to do in one day..................
a. To find his father                                              c. To jump on crocodile’s back
b. To swim across the river                                  d. To cross the river
3.  From the story we can conclude that............
a. The monkey was safe from crocodile            c. The monkey gave his heart to crocodile
b. The crocodile ate the monkey’s heart           d. The crocodile helped monkey to cross the river
4.  What is the moral value of this story....................
a. We have to think an idea if we got problem      c. We have to be careful with crocodile
b. We have to help someone to cross river           d. we have should trick someone else

Malin Kundang

Once upon a time, there was a poor woman who had lost her husband and had a son named Malin Kundang, One day, Malin Kundang went sailing to other place. Ever since Malin Kundang leaving, his mother went to the shore everyday waiting for Malin Kundang to return.
After years, her waiting came to an  end when a luxurious ship docked at the shore. A young couple in extravagant clothes stepped down from the ship. Malin’s mother was sure that the young man was her son. She tried to embrace him, but he trew her away. He didn’t admit the woman as his mother.
Being denied and humiliated, Malin’s mother cursed her son. After a moment, the luxurious was attacked by a hurriance and the cursed son turned into rock.

1.  Malin Kundang stepped down from the ship with his..............
a. Son                               b. Mother                     c. Guards                     d. Wife
2.  The old woman cursed her son because..............
a. He went to the shore everyday                          c. He denied and Humiliated her
b. He docked his ship at the shore                         d. He tried to embrace her
3.  What can we learn from the story.............
a. All mother                                                         c. Be careful with your angry mother
b. Always respect your mother                             d. Don’t leave you mother alone

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