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Latihan soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP : Recount Text 1

Written By Demi Yurfina on Jumat, 14 April 2017 | 20.49

Text 1 to answer questions 1 to 3!

 Last Sunday, I had a holiday in Australia. I visited a marine park called Sea World, which is as surfers Paradise near Brisbane. It is Australia’s largest marine park. Truly, I had a wonderful day there.
         The first thing I saw was the Oceanarium. It is place where visitors can watch all kinds of fish and animals underwater. There were huge turtles, sharks and beautiful tropical fish. The most exciting thing was watching a man feeding the sharks. He wore a special diving suit.
Then, I watched the performing animals. The show was in a big outdoor swimming pool. There were killer whales, dolphins and sea lions, and they did all kinds of fantastic things in the water. One of the girls in the show rode about the pool on the back of a big turtle.
After the show, I had lunch. There were several big restaurants at the park and I had lunch in a restaurant that was shaped like a ship! Then, I watched a wonderful water-ski show which was held on a lake.
        There were lots of things to do at the park. There was lake cruising, a train ride, a big water slide, swimming pools and an incredible roller coaster called the corkscrew because it goes through three lops upside down. But I didn’t go on the roller coaster. I wish I could do it next time.

1.      Where did the writer watch sharks?
a.       On a lake
b.      At the sea nearby
c.       In the Oceanarium
d.      In a big outdoor swimming pool
2.      What did the writer do after having lunch?
a.       He watched a water-ski show
b.      He watched animals underwater
c.       He watched a man feeding the sharks
d.      He watched the performing animals
3.      “…and an incredible roller coaster called…”
(Paragraph 5)
a.       Ordinary
b.      Impossible
c.       Imaginative
d.      Extremely good

Text 2 to answer question 4 to 6!
I have an exciting experience visiting Raja Ampat. It is a famous island located off the north west tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in West Papua Province. It is well known as a diving heaven for people around the world.
Raja Ampat covers a very wide area of land and sea, where many types of corals, coral fish and mollusks live. It makes Raja Ampat the most diverse living library for world’s coral reefs and underwater biota.
Besides that, Raja Ampat has a beautiful scenery, especially of its underwater corals and beach. Under the water of Raja Ampat Island, I can see many natural coral reefs never touched by humans. I can also find many fishes of various colors and types. They usually hide between the coral reefs to take a rest or breed. In addition, I can explore many war planes and ships sunk in World War II.
There is also another thing that I can also enjoy besides the underwater scenery. I can meet many fishermen around the beach, some of whom become the tourist guides for the foreign tourists. The fishermen are very friendly and they will offer you “Pinang” (betel nuts) or some sweet candies.

4. What makes Raja Ampat attractive?
A. the very wide area
B. the strategic location
C. the helpful fishermen
D. the underwater scenery
5. Paragraph 4 tells us that ....
A. Raja Ampat is located in New Guinea island
B. a living library for underwater biota is found in Raja Ampat
C. fishermen around the beach can be very friendly tourist guides
D. Raja Ampat is the home for beautiful underwater corals and beach
6. Based on the text, what can we conclude about Raja Ampat?
A. It offers only the beauty of the underwater scenery.
B. It is famous as a place for breeding many types of fish.
C. It does not provide the tourists any guides for the tourists.
D. It becomes the home for the various corals, fish and mollusks.

Text 3 to answer question 7 to 10!
I had a bad experience when I did shopping because of the shop assistant’s fault. However, the security of the shop really embarassed me. He accused me of stealing a pair of blue jeans.
That was a Sunday afternoon. I went to a fasion shop with my friends. I chose a pair of blue jeans to buy and paid for them at the cashier. Unfortunately, the shop assistant was careless. She forgot to take the censor clip on the blue jeans. So, when I left the shop, the detector beeped. The security officer shouted at me, “Hey, you! Stop!” Then he took me to the manager’s room.

After examining, the security officer and the manager realized that it was not my fault. They said they were very sorry about what had happened. Finally, the manager asked me to take one piece of clothing for me.

7.     What is the purpose of the text?
a.      To entertain readers                       c. To retell past events
b.      To describe something                   d. To persuade readers
8.    Where did the story happen?
a.      At the market             b. At a fashion store     c. At a shoe store              d. At a canteen
9.    Unfortunately, the shop assistant was careless.
What is the antonym of the underlined word?
a. Careful           b. Safe             c. Clear           d. Accurate
10.   They said they were very sorry about what had happened.” (paragraph 3)
The underlined word refers to.....
a.      The blue jeans                                 c. everyone in the shop
b.       The censor clip                               d. The security officer and the manager

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