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UN Preparation : Letter

Written By Demi Yurfina on Selasa, 17 Mei 2016 | 17.57

Dear Frank:
It's been said that "A friend in need, is a friend indeed." No words could better describe what your friendship has meant to us over the years.
Marie and I appreciate your taking the kids out to dinner last Thursday, so that we could be with her mom at the hospital.
It's wonderful to have friends like you, who are always there for us when we need you most.
Marie and I want you to know that we cherish your friendship. Should you ever need us in any way, please don't hesitate to call on us.
With warm affection,
Tim and Marie

Indikator            : Menentukan informasi tertentu
Indikator soal     : Disajikan sebuah surat, siswa dapat menentukan jawaban
                               pertanyaan informasi tertentu dari teks dengan tepat.

1.      Who took the kids out to dinner?
A.      Mary and her mom
B.       Tim and Marie
C.       Marie
D.      Frank.

Kunci jawaban  : D
Pembahasan       :
Yang mengajak anak-anak makan malam di luar adalah Frank, karena kata you dalam surat tersebut merujuk pada si penerima yaitu Frank.
Indikator            : Menentukan informasi tersirat
Indikator soal     : Disajikan sebuah surat yang sama, siswa dapat menentukanjawaban informasi tersirat dari teks tersebut dengan tepat.

2.      From the text we know that…
A.      Marie was hospitalized.
B.       Frank is Marie’s brother.
C.       Tim and Marie were very grateful to Frank.
D.      Tim and Marie could not visit Marie’s mom in the hospital.

Kunci jawaban  : C
Pembahasan       : Surat itu mengekspresikan rasa terima kasih Tim dan Marie
                               atas bantuan yang diberikan Frank.

Indikator            : Menentukan makna kata/frasa dalam teks
Indikator soal     : Disajikan kutipan kalimat dari teks dengan salah satu kata/frasa
digaris bawahi, siswa dapat menentukan makna kata tersebut dengan tepat.

3.      Marie and I want you to know that we cherish your friendship. “ The word cherish means…
A.      know.
B.       hate.
C.       appreciate.
D.      misunderstand.

Kunci jawaban  : C
Pembahasan       :
Kata cherish bermakna menghargai, jadi padanan yang sesuaiadalah appreciate.

Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya Unit 2735
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 13570

November 10, 2011

Dear Sabrina,

Please let me express my deepest sympathies to you and the children. I was shocked and shattered when I heard about Frank's horrific accident. I can't even imagine what you have been going through for the past ten days. 

As you know, Frank and I have been colleagues and friends for the past eight years. His tragic loss leaves a terrible void in our office. He was so well-liked and respected by everyone who came into contact with him, both colleagues and clients alike. He had tremendous people skills, and as such, was a role model in our company and the industry at large. 

I trust that, when they are older, the children will be made aware of what an outstanding person Frank was in his professional life.
Sabrina, please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way while you go through this very difficult period. I will support you in any way that I can should you reach out to me.

Also, please tell the children how terribly devastated all of us are here at the company due to their Father's tragic passing.

Sincere sympathy,

Darlene Francis

Indikator SKL   : Menentukan informasi rinci tersurat.
Indikator soal     :Disajikan sebuah surat menunjukan rasa simpati, siswa dapat menentukan informasi rinci tersurat dalam teks tersebut dengan tepat.

Soal   :
1.        What’s the relationship between Darlene and Frank?
A.      They were clients.
B.       They were colleagues.
C.       They were schoolmates.
D.      They were neighbors.

Jawaban        : B
Pembahasan  :
Jawaban dari pertanyaan tersebut dapat diketahui dari kalimat Frank and I have been colleagues and friends, sehingga jawaban yang tepat adalah B.

Indikator SKL   : Menentukan rujukan kata
Indikator soal     :Disajikan sebuah kutipan kalimat dari surat yang sama dengansalah satu kata ganti digaris bawahi, siswa dapat menentukan rujukan kata ganti tersebut dengan tepat.

Soal   :
2.        I trust that, when they are older,..”
The underlined word refers to …
A.      people.
B.       Frank’s friends.
C.       Sabrina’s children.
D.      Sabrina and children.

Jawaban        : C
Pembahasan  :
Untuk mengetahui rujukan kata they dapat diketahui pada kalimat berikutnya the children will be made aware of … sehingga jawaban yang tepat adalah C.

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