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Soal soal Report Text (Teks Rumpang)

Written By Demi Yurfina on Sabtu, 14 Mei 2016 | 04.58

Fill in the blank with the correct words!

When a baby marsupial is born, it is (1)…. and helpless. Its first instinct is (2) … its way to its mother’s pouch, where it will find its food. There, it gets milk from its mother and grows steadily until it is (3)…. to leave the pouch and feed itself because a lot of its predators are bigger.

              1.       a. small                        b. strong              c. huge                                  d. cold
2.       a. to go                         b. to come          c. to find                              d. to leave
3.       a. healthy enough    b. too small        c. too crowded                 d. large enough

An orchid is one of the most beautiful (4) ….on earth. Its trunk is thick and budding. The leaves are long, stiff and thick. The colour of this plant can be (5) … by using the crossing method. It can be white, purple, yellow or others. People like to use orchid as a decorative plant. An orchid usually grows (6)…. on a tree but it is not a parasite. It can only process flowers not fruit.

4.       a. plants               b. leaves              c. fruit                  d. trees
       5.       a. similar             b. various            c. famous            d. difficult
       6.       a. well                   b. slowly             c. fast                    d. hard

Jasmine or Yassamine, is a Persian word which mean a gift from God. It is a kind of plants. It is one group of shurb and vines family. it contains around 200 species native to tropical warm temperate regions of Europe, Asia and Africa. (7)… 200 species, only one species comes from Europe.
The plant grow all year round and lose their leaves in autumn. The flowers are 2.5 cm in diameter. They are white or yellow. They (8)…. grow in clusters. Each cluster can consist of at least there flowers (9) …. they can also be solitary. Each flower has about four to nine petals. They are usually very fragrant.

7.      a. to                 b. from                        c. under                       d. above
8.      a. rarely           b. never                       c. seldom                     d.usually

9.      a. therefore      b. although                   c. more over               d. because

Cactuses are American plants with sharp spines, thick, bulbous green stems and no leaves.
Most cactuses grow in hot, dry regions but a few grow in rainforests and cold places such as mountains tops. Cactuses in desert have a (10)…. waxy skin to cut water loss to the bare minimum. They also have spines to protect themselves from animals which eat any moist (11)….
Most cactuses have very long roots to (12)…. water from a large area. The roots grow near the surface to collect as much rainwater as possible.

10.  a. thick               b. thicken                    c. thickly                     d. thickness
11. a. things              b. places                      c. animals                    d. vegetation
12. a. send                 b. collect                     c. support                    d. distribute

Butterflies are insects with four large wings. They (13)… either on the nectar of flowers or on fruit. Many butterflies are (14)… coloured and fly by day. They have slim, hairless bodies and antennae (feelers). Butterflies can only fly if their wings are warm. To warm up, they (15)… in the sun so their wings soak up energy.

13.      a. fly               
b. feed            
c. taste            
d. sleep

14.      a. bright          
b. brights        
c. brightly       
d. brighten

15.      a. dry              
b. bask            
c. fly
d. work

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