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Soal-soal Recount Text (Teks Rumpang)

Written By Demi Yurfina on Sabtu, 23 April 2016 | 05.30

Fill in the blank with the correct words!

I had a terrible day yesterday. First, I (1) ….up  an hour late because my alarm clock didn’t go off. Because of this, I was in such a hurry that I burned my hand when I was making breakfast. After breakfast, I got dressed as quickly as I could that I forgot to wear socks. Next, I ran out of the house trying to catch the 9:30 bus. Of course I missed it. I wanted to take a taxi but I diddn’t have enough (2) …. Finally, I walked three miles (3) … to my school only to discover that it was Sunday! I hope I never have a day as the one I had yesterday.

1.       a. came                        b. woke                c. rose                   d.got
2.       a. time                          b. cash                  c. flood                 d. chance

3.       a. unwillingly            b. tiredly             c. curiously              d. excitedly

Last weekend, my friends and I went camping. We (4)…. the camping ground after we walked for about one and a half hours. We built the tents next to a small river. It was getting darker and colder, so we made a (5)…. The next day, we spent our time observing plantation and insects during the day. At night, we sang, danced, read poetry, played magic tricks (6)….

4.       searched                     b. reached           c. met                   d. examined
5.       a. tent                           b. camp                c. firework         d. fire
6.       a. greatly                     b. happily            c. friendly           d. nicely

Last weekend, Richard, Amy, Sean and I did our first travel to Dubai and went on a desert safari on Thursday afternoon. It was really a cool drive. All of us felt very excited.
We drove into desertt about 1 hour from Dubai City. As we drove further into this part of the desert, the sand (7)….. from white to almost red in colour. Just after sunset, our guides head out to a campsite in the desert where (8) ….stopped for dinner. Dining was in Arabian type but it was alright for us.
It was a (9)….evening which ended at about 11.00 p.m. A great adventure! I would definitely go there again someday.

7.      a. began           b. broke           c. changed       d. became
8.      a. I                   b. we                c. you              d. they
9.      a. bright           b. lovely          c. horrible        d. moderate

At the break, I (10) …. a storybook about a handsome and brave prince who was trying to free a princess from a giant at the library. I haven’t finished when I fell asleep. In my dream, I was the prince who fought the giant. The giant pushed me (11)… and I fell down to the ground. Suddenly, I heard people laugh. I opened my eyes and saw several students looking and laughing at me. I was (12)…. but I finally realized what had happened. I slept and dreamt about the prince. To matter worse, I fell down from the chair when the giant pushed me, in my dream.

      10.      a. rented                b. read             c. owned                     d. bought
11.      a.weakly                b. accidently    c. hesitantly                 d. strongly
12.      a. confused            b. delighted     c. disappointed            d. conscious

After the class was over, (13) ….the school quickly. My watch showed 2:30 p.m as I got on my bicycle. I pedalled hard and was soon speeding home. My thoughts returned to the math (14) ….that I had just had in class. I could remember (15)….how I read the formula again last night. I was glad that I had studied hard for that test.

13.       a. left                     b. went                 c. came                d. visited
14.       a. problem          b. lesson              c. story                 d. quiz
15.       a. clearly             b. slowly              c. loudly              d. softly

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