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Report Text : Venus Flytrap

Written By Demi Yurfina on Senin, 21 Maret 2016 | 03.36

One of the most interesting carnivorous plants is the Venus Flytrap. The Venus Flytrap has hinged leaves that open and shut. The leaves look like jaw when they are open. The ends of the leaves have short, stiff hairs on them. Inside the leaves is a sweet –smelling nectar insect to drink. They are attracted by the nice smell. The plant waits patiently while the insect moves toward it. When it touches the hairs on the leaves, the leaves snap shut in less than a second, trapping the insect inside. It doesn’t close all the way at first, allowing very small insect to escape.
Digestive juices dissolve the soft parts of the insect. About a week later, all that is left of the poor insect is the hard outer part. The leaves open and what is left blow away in the wind or washes away in the rain. A pair of flytrap leaves die after about four meals. If an object that isn’t food lands in the trap, the plant doesn’t like that. It will open it up in about 12 hours and “spit” it out.

 1.       What does the text mainly  talk about…
a. A scary plant
b. A meat eater plant
c. A frightful insect plant
d. A dangerous scary plant

2.  The following statements are true according to the text. Except….
a. The plants only react to insect
b. The plant will get let small insects free.
c. A flytrap is a name of carnivorous plant.
d. Carnivorous plants grow in less fertile soil.

3. How does the plant catch its prey?
a.  By spreading sweet-smelling nectar
b. By opening its leaves and shutting them quickly
c. By trapping the insect inside the leaves
d. By snapping shut the insect with its prey.

4. The word “quickly” has opposite meaning as..
a. Gently
b. Rapidly
c. Swiftly
d. Shortly

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