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Report Text : Turtles

Written By Demi Yurfina on Senin, 21 Maret 2016 | 05.15

Turtles belong to an old group of reptiles that go back to the time of the dinosaurs. Today there are about 250 different types of turtles. The turtle is an animal that moves very slowly, but some sea turtles can move faster.
Turtles can be found all over the world, except in very cold areas. Most of them live in freshwater, but some types live in salt water or on land. Turtles haven’t changed very much since they first came to earth about 200 million years ago. Some are very small and weigh very little about 0.5 kg. Others can be up to 2 metres and weigh about 700 kg.
A turtle’s body is surrounded by a hard shell that protects its organs. Many turtles can pull their heads, legs and tails into the shell. It is very strong and can support a weight that is much greater than the turtle itself. Turtles don’t have teeth they tear apart food with their beaks. They have powerful legs and short feet. Turtles can see, taste and smell but they cannot hear very well. Most turtles eat plants and sea animals, like worms, snails, insects, jellyfish or mussels. They can survive for a long time without food.But when they see food they eat a lot and can grow very fat.

  1. What part of the turtle’s body is hard?
a.       Legs
b.      Tail
c.       Feet
d.      Shell

2. Turtles are not really good at …
a.       Seeing
b.      Tasting
c.       Smelling
d.      Hearing

3.  “Turtles don’t have teeth they tear apart food with their beaks”. (paragraph 3)
The underlined phrases means …
a.         Swallow
b.         Crush
c.         Take
d.         Touch

44. What does the text tell us about?
a.       Turtle in general
b.      An old group of reptiles
c.       Freshwater turtle
d.      Some sea turtles

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