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Report Text : Ostrich

Written By Demi Yurfina on Kamis, 17 Maret 2016 | 08.46

Ostrich is a large flightless bird native to Africa. It is distinctive in its appearance with a long neck and legs. It has the ability to run at maximum speed of about 70 km/h, the top land speed of any bird the Ostrich is the largest living species of bird and lays the largest egg of any bird. The diet of Ostrich mainly consists of plant, though it also eats insects. It lives in nomadic groups which consist of five or fifty birds. When threatened, the Ostrich will either hide itself by lying flat against the ground, or run away. Moreover, it can attack the enemy with a kick from its powerful legs.
Ostriches become sexually mature when they are 2 to 4 years old. females mature about six months earlier than males. The mating begins in March or April and ends before September.

1.       What is the text about?
a.       The ostrich
b.      The African Bird
c.       The Nomadic Bird
d.      The largest bird in the world

2.       What does the Ostrich do when it is threatened?
a.       Runs away
b.      Eats insects
c.       Attacks its enemy
d.      Lives in nomadic group

3.       What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
a.       Ostrich is a large flightless bird native to Africa
b.      The Ostrich is the largest living species of bird
c.       Mature ostrich mates in March to September
d.      The female ostrich mature about six months earlier than males
4.       “It lives in nomadic groups…”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to …..
a.     Laying the largest egg
b.    Eating plants for living
c.     Living in a certain place
d.    Wandering from place to place

(Soal UN SMP/MTs 2015)

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