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Report Text : Bamboo

Written By Demi Yurfina on Kamis, 17 Maret 2016 | 08.37

One of the most valuable and widespread plants is the bamboo. It is a tall tree like grass. There are more than 350 species. Most grow in Asia and on islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Although bamboo is a tropical plant, it can grow in cooler temperate zones.
A single root may produce as many as 100 stems. They are hollow, woody and jointed. The stems are sometimes 3 feet (0.9 meter) around. Sprouts grow fast, at times 1 foot (0.3 meter) or more a day. They may grow to 30, 50, or even 130 feet (9 to 40 meter) in height. Near the top are many branches. Some species do not bloom for 60 years or more.
Bamboo products range from food to houses. Asian people usually use the sprouts as vegetables. In East and Southeast Asia people use the hollow stems for water pipes and for building bridges and houses. Short sections serve as pails and cooking utensils. The stems make for walls, floors and roofs. Thinner strips are woven into mats, chairs, cages and curtains. Bamboo fishing rods are made of matched strips glued together. Split bamboo is also used for chopsticks and fan ribs. The inner parts of the stems of several species are made into quality papers.

1.       What is the text about?
a.       Grass                           b. Bamboo          c. Canebrake bamboo                   d. A tropical plant
2.       Which part of the bamboo can be used for building houses?
a.       Bamboo sprout                                      c. Thinner strips
b.       Hollow stems                                          d. Split bamboos
3.       What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
a.       Bamboo is used for houses only                     c. Bamboo is able to be consumed
b.       Bamboo is needed in Asia                                  d. Bamboo is a very useful plant
4.       “Short sections serve as pails and cooking utensils” (paragraph 3)
The underlined word has closest meaning with …
a.       Parts             b. Tools                c. Materials        d. Furnitures

        (soal UN 2010)
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