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Report Text : Firefly or Lighting Bug

Written By Demi Yurfina on Jumat, 20 Maret 2015 | 06.07

Firefly or Lightning Bug
Photinus pyralis
The Pyralis firefly (also known as the lightning bug) is a common firefly in North America. This partly nocturnal, luminescent beetle is the most common firefly in the USA.
At night, the very end (the last abdominal segment) of the firefly glows a bright yellow-green color. The firefly can control this glowing effect. The brightness of a single firefly is 1/40 of a candle. Fireflies use their glow to attract other fireflies. Males flash about every five seconds; females flash about every two seconds. This firefly is harvested by the biochemical industry for the organic compunds luciferin (which is the chemical the firefly uses for its bioluminescence).
This flying insect is about 0.75 inch (2 cm) long. It is mostly black, with two red spots on the head cover; the wing covers and head covers are lined in yellow. Like all insects, it has a hard exoskeleton, six jointed legs, two antennae, compound eyes, and a body divided into three parts (the head, thorax, and abdomen). 
Both the adults and the larvae are carnivores. They eat other insects (including other fireflies), insect larvae, and snails. 

·         Indikator              : Menentukan informasi rinci.
·         Indikator soal      : Disajikan sebuah teks report, siswa dapatmenentukan informasi rinci dalam teks tersebut dengan tepat.
·           Soal                       :

31.  How do fireflies attract other fireflies?
A.    By controlling their glowing effect.
B.     By eating insects including other fireflies.
C.     By harvesting its bioluminescence.
D.    By camouflaging in the surroundings.
·           Kunci Jawaban  : A
·           Pembahasan       : Secara rinci jawaban pertanyaan diketahui pada paragraf kedua, The firefly can control this glowing effect” dan “ Fireflies use their glow to attract other fireflies.  Makajawaban yang tepat A.

      Indikator             : Menentukan pikiran utama teks report.
      Indikator soal     : Disajikan teks esai pendek report, siswa dapat menentukan jawaban pertanyaan tentang pikiran utama teks tersebut dengan tepat.
·            Soal:

32.  What does the second paragraph of the text tell us about?
A.      The firefly’s glow.
B.      The firefly’s habitat.
C.      The anatomy of firefly.
D.      The diet of firefly.

·            Kunci Jawaban  : C
·            Pembahasan       : Paragraf kedua menguraikan tentang anatomi kunang-kunang, maka jawaban yang tepat adalah C.
      Indikator                        : Menentukan makna kata.
      Indikator soal     : Disajikan kutipan kalimat dengan salah satu kata digaris bawahi, siswa dapat menentukan makna kata tersebut dengan tepat.
      Soal                      :

33.  Both the adults and the larvae are carnivores.” (Last paragraph)The underlined word means....
A.      meat eater
B.      creepy crawly
C.      grown ups
D.      prey hunter

      Kunci Jawaban  : A
      Pembahasan       : Secara kontekstual makna kata tersebut adalah pemakan daging. Hal ini diperjelas oleh kalimat berikutnya yaitu “They eat other insects (including other fireflies), insect larvae, and snails.

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